Community Service

Community Service

Homeless Ministry

“The mission of Adventist Community Services (ACS) International is to motivate, equip, and mobilize Seventh-day Adventist Church members worldwide to meet unconditionally the expressed needs of people around them, thus fostering a trust relationship between Adventist churches and their surrounding communities, and nurturing people toward a restored, abundant life in Jesus (John 10:10)”.

On three Sabbath afternoons per month (1st, 3rd & 4th weekends), a dedicated and devoted team of individuals prepared meals and basic needs for people on our streets who are currently homeless.

Our church family collects hygiene items along with basic clothing items to share with our neighbors who are currently homeless. We invite you to be part of serving our neighbors in need. If interested in joining the team or contributing items towards the ministry, please contact our community service leader at

Disaster Response

Adventist Community Services (ACS) volunteers provide disaster response services to assist individuals, families, and communities affected by natural and manmade disasters and unforeseen tragedies.

What are the core values of disaster response?

  • Sharing We proclaim the good news of salvation by actively demonstrating the love of God.
  • Connecting – We build relationships by connecting people with their community family and to God.
  • Ministering – We minister to the communities we serve by focusing on their physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being
  • Discipleship – We empower and engage members to serve their communities by teaching, mentoring, and to equip in holistic ministry

How do I get involved as a volunteer with the disaster response team?

So glad you are willing to join us. Please call 302.981.2823 for more information or visit

Refugee Support Services

We are currently in partnership with the Jewish Family Services (based in Wilmington) to support refugees who are resettling in the Delaware area.

Thank you to those who are currently volunteering. Some of the ways volunteers help include: 

  • Setting up apartments prior to the arrival of refugee families
  • Translator: The most needed languages for refugee clients in Delaware include Arabic, Swahili, French, and Spanish.
  • English Language Support
  • Providing transportation and helping individuals learn to navigate the public transportation system
  • Mentorship
  • Companionship

    If interested in joining the volunteer team, please visit to find out more and fill out the application to be registered with the JFS database of volunteers. You may also contact 302.981.2823 for more information.

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